High performance content management system for Open Tibia servers

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Solid bindings

Work on your custom pages using only lua. Castro offers a full set of solid lua bindings. From doing database queries to reading the server map.


Full featured plugin system. Add or remove plugins at runtime, custom pages, widgets or even templates. Check the plugin list


All queries are parameterized, forget about sql injections. Solid Content-Secure-Policy headers, easy to edit from the config file.

Payment system

Comes with popular payment systems such as: PayPal, PayGol and Fortumo. Every payment is easy to configure.

Self contained

The whole AAC is contained on a single executable, you dont need to run any web server (such as XAMPP) to use it.


Custom template engine to prevent unmaintainable pieces of code. Separate code from template logic, pass data from a lua page to an html template.

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